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April 2014

Isaac now has all 10 levels done built.  Sticking to my philosophy of him building his own game the way he wants to has been […]

Batty Cave

Batty Cave

Batty Cave March 2014 Fly Batty through the cave without running into stalagmites and stalactites, watch out for the predators too. Easy to play, just […]

Bumbling Bee

Bumbling Bee

Bumbling Bee March 2014 Bumbling Bee takes a fun game and introduces a few educational elements into the gameplay without taking anything away from the […]

February 2014 – Where it all began

The blog was started in hindsight…by several months! If you’re reading this, then you or someone you know has a dozen ideas for apps.  We […]

Jungle Crystal

Jungle Crystal May 2014 In Jungle Crystal you’ll find Jack hunting for his beloved crystals but he finds more than just crystals in this mysterious land. […]

March 2014

Screenshots of game play in 5 different sizes and orientations, screenshots of title screens, about 50 different sizes of the same icon are just a […]

May 2014

Isaac’s game is published.  About 1 week into May I had Isaac put a “freeze” on new features so we could start debugging and testing. […]



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