donnie Donnie
CEO & President
 With 20 years of experience in the IT Industry and 1 month in the gaming industry, he was the most qualified for the position out of our talent pool.  Wish him luck.
 nicole Nicole
President of the CEO
Mrs. Nicole runs the nuts and bolts of our operation making sure the team is fully nourished, well slept and clean.  She makes the schedules and makes sure everyone is on time to work and that nobody is overworked.
 carly Carly
Sporting an unmeasurable amount of gaming experience, she is our best tester and has plans to write her own game!  All you have to do is tell her you beat her high score and she will play for days until she is again the reigning champion.  Among many duties that Ms. Carly has, game testing seems to be the only one she actually does but she does it well.  Having graduated elementary and middle school, she is currently working towards a 3rd diploma.
 isaac Isaac
Mr. Isaac has 3 years of formal education plus another 5 years of game playing experience under his belt.  He isn’t just a tester, he is actually a developer as well.  Currently he is working on his own titles which, the first being Jungle Crystal which was published May 2014.  His talents don’t stop there, he is full of ideas, most of which NASA would find difficult to build, but without ideas we don’t have anything to build, right?
 will William
Coolness Tester
William is working towards his diploma in Kindergarten and moonlighting with us.  He knows what’s cool, what’s not and he’s not afraid to tell anyone.
 reagan Reagan
Cuteness Tester
Holding a resume of 4+ years of experience in life, Reagan has a keen eye for anything pink, purple, cute or “princess like”.  She can spot cuteness from a mile away out of her peripheral vision without taking her eyes off her barbie, so she can certainly test the cuteness of our games with 1 hand tied behind her back.