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About Batty Cave

Fly Batty through the cave without running into stalagmites and stalactites, watch out for the predators too. Easy to play, just click or tap to fly, but mastering the game will be nearly impossible.  Can you name the natural predators of bats?  Play the game to learn a little bit about bats.  Get it on your phone and tablet.
The theme for all games in our Junior Newton portfolio is to take already fun games and introduce an educational element to the games without taking any of the “Fun” out of the game.  Batty Cave is designed after the standard Helicopter Games (tap to fly) and the infamous Flappy Bird game.  The educational element are the natural predators of the Bumble Bee in the real world.  As you fly through the cave you will encounter an ever increasing number of predators.  You’ll be amazed when you and your children learn something about the bat without knowing you were even learning.

Meet the characters in the game:

  •  Batty – The Protagonist, or the Main Character in the game.  Batty is a standard regular bat, however if you must know, he is a Mexican Free-tailed bat.  Mexican Free-tailed bats live in caves across north and south America and they are primarily insectivores.  They eat mostly moths, flies, dragonflies and a few ground insects such as ants.
  •  Bat Hawk- Bat Hawks favorite meal is the bat.  They are small and agile hawks that catch their dinner in mid-flight.  Steer clear of the Bat Hawk!
  •  Coopers Hawk – Birds are their main course at dinner, but bats are a tasty side dish.  Coopers Hawks are medium sized hawks that like to catch food in the air with their talons and squeeze it till it’s ready to eat.
  •  Tarantulas – Many different types of Tarantulas feast on bats which they catch on the ground, in trees and in their webs.  Get too close and your new name will be Lunch.
  •  Weasels & Ferrets – Close cousins of each other, they both bats.  Being the weasels that they are, they commonly climb into a bat roost during daytime for a quick snack but if you fly too low they will snatch you out of the air.
  • Foxes – Foxes are similar to weasels in their bat dining habits, but they are a little bigger so keep your distance.

Bats are thought to be the only flying mammal on earth.  There are over 1200 types of bats in the world ranging in sizes about the size of your thumb to some that have a wingspan over 6 feet!  Batty happens to be a small-medium sized bat because the giant bats would be much more difficult to navigate the caves.

Enjoy the game, tell your friends about it.