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About Bumbling Bee

Bumbling Bee takes a fun game and introduces a few educational elements into the gameplay without taking anything away from the game.  Keep clicking to fly through the fields and avoid the predators in the air and on the ground. Can you name the natural predators of bumble bees?  Play the game to learn a little bit about bumble bees.Get it on your phone and tablet.
The theme for all games in our Junior Newton portfolio is to take already fun games and introduce an educational element to the games without taking any of the “Fun” out of the game.  Bumbling Bee is designed after the standard Helicopter Games (tap to fly) and the infamous Flappy Bird game.  The educational element are the natural predators of the Bumble Bee in the real world.  As you fly through the fields you will encounter an ever increasing number of predators.  You’ll be amazed when you and your children learn something about the bumble bee without knowing they were even learning.

Meet the characters in the game:

  • Bumbling Bee Bumbling Bee – The Protagonist, or the Main Character in the game.  Bumbling bee is a standard bumble bee.
  • Martin-48x48 Martin – The first predator in the game.  The Martins diet consists of many insects and bugs including the Bumble Bee.
  • Bee-Eater-48x48 Bee-Eater – With a name like that, the Bee-Eater can’t help but eat Bees.
  • Wasp-48x48 Wasps – They aren’t much bigger than bees, but several types of wasps eat bees, most commonly the a Hornet called the Asian Giant Hornet that can kill an entire bee hive.
  • Rat-48x48 Mice & Rats – Mice and Rats will be eat bees for dinner and have been known to move in and eat the honey and the bees during winter months when the bees are down for their long winter nap.
  • Ferret-48x48 Weasels & Ferrets – Close cousins of each other, they both eat bees.  They may enjoy the honey from the bees more than the bees themselves.  The Weasel has a cousin that hasn’t made an appearance in Bumbling Bee yet, can you guess it before he shows up?
  • Fox-48x48FoxFoxesfoxFoxes – Foxes like the nests and the honey that bees produce.  More commonly they dig into the ground for ground dwelling bees like the Carpenter Bee but will not pass up the opportunity to feast on a few Bumble Bees.  *Where is the picture of the fox?  We’re not sure but we assume the bear ate him.
  • bear-48x48 Bears – As we all learned from cartoons, bears LOVE honey but they also like the larvae, pupae and comb of the hives.

Have you noticed any trend?  The mammals enjoy the honey, the comb and the larvae and pupae more than the adult bees but that still makes them predators of the Bumble Bee because they kill many bees of all ages when getting to the tasty center of the hive.  Mammals will usually get stung many times on the face in the process of getting to the center of the hive but most of them have enough thick fur to only get a few stings.  Birds don’t usually go for the entire hive they will pluck bees out of the sky in mid-flight.  Bee eating birds tend to go for the in-flight bee and some will only eat the inside of the bee and leave the stinger for other scavengers like ants.

Enjoy the game, tell your friends about it.