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About Flippin Fish

Flippin has been washed away from his home in the coral reef. He must forge through the open waters of the ocean while evading the hungry fish of the ocean. His wife and kids, Flirtin, flappin and floppin, must be so worried about Flippin. Get back home before his Flippin’s family goes belly up with grief.In the same fashion as the always fun helicopter and flappy bird style games, tap or click the screen to swim up.

The theme for all games in our Junior Newton portfolio is to take already fun games and introduce an educational element to the games without taking any of the “Fun” out of the game.  Flippin Fish is designed after the standard Helicopter Games (tap to fly) and the infamous Flappy Bird game.  The educational element are the natural predators of the Flippin Fish in the real world.  As you swim through the open ocean you will encounter an ever increasing number of predators.  You’ll be amazed when you and your children learn something about the Garibaldi without knowing they were even learning.

Meet the characters in the game:

  • Flippin_Fish-48x48 Flippin Fish – The Protagonist, or the Main Character in the game.  He is a Garibaldi fish that lives in a coral reef or very rocky area of the Pacific Ocean.  
  • animated_shark1 Shark – The first predator in the game.  Several species of sharks will venture close enough to the reefs to catch a Garibaldi, however it’s believed that the Garibaldi will attack sharks when they get too close to their nest.
  • animated_orca3 Orca (Killer Whale) – Killer Whales have a reputation and a name to uphold, however their name is a bit inaccurate.  Did you know that Killer Whales aren’t even whales?  They are dolphins!
  • animated_octopus1 Octopus – Sharing the same neighborhood as Garibaldi, they often find their way to the dinner plate of the Octopus.
  • animated_dolphin1 Dolphins – Dolphins eat a large variety of marine life and the Garibaldi is not their most common meal by a long shot.  If a Garibaldi happens to have been washed out into the open, the dolphins probably won’t help him find his way home.

Enjoy the game, tell your friends about it.