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About FlutterFly

FlutterFly takes a fun game and introduces a few educational elements into the gameplay without taking anything away from the game.  Keep clicking to fly through the fields and avoid the predators in the air and on the ground. Can you name the natural predators of butterfly?  Play the game to learn a little bit about butterfly’s.  Order it To Go for your mobile devices by clicking the links above.
The theme for all games in our Junior Newton portfolio is to take already fun games and introduce an educational element to the games without taking any of the “Fun” out of the game.  FlutterFly is designed after the standard Helicopter Games (tap to fly) and the infamous Flappy Bird game.  The educational element are the natural predators of the Butterfly in the real world.  As you fly through the fields you will encounter an ever increasing number of predators.  You’ll be amazed when you and your children learn something about the butterfly without knowing they were even learning.

Enjoy the game, and leave reviews if you like it.