Jungle Crystal 

“There are physical obstacles that are on par with some of the more “advanced” 2-D platformers on the market” – Bonnie B @ IndieGameMag.com.  Read the full review here.
“simple platform game riddled with puzzles” – Carla Solórzano @ Thriving Magazine.  Read the full article here.
“Jungle Crystal is about as straight forward as it gets but has a certain charm to it that hooks you almost immediately.” – Lance Rinker @ Frisco Enterprise.  Read the full review here.

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About Jungle Crystal

Jungle Crystal is about Jack’s search for crystals which has led him to a weird and mysterious place with hidden treasures, but he’s not alone.  Help him navigate through this treacherous terrain to find his jungle crystals but beware, evil creatures dwell in this jungle of floating platforms.  Released with 10 increasingly difficult levels and plans for more levels coming soon.
Jungle Crystal is a platform game with moving, disappearing and sliding platforms plus much more in the most unique setup you’ve ever seen.  As of the writing of this, one of our Executives had still not beaten all of the levels on her own.  Do you have what it takes to beat the mind of an 8 year old?
Jungle Crystal was built from concept through completion by our youngest developer, Isaac.  Isaac was gifted with Asperger’s, and his acute fascination with video games has led him to want to become a video game developer, mission accomplished!  He spent about 3 months of working most afternoons to learn how and build his first game in HTML5.  After publishing this game, Isaac was already begging to build another game.  He’s already selected the game format, keep checking back for his next release.

Enjoy the game, tell your friends about it and don’t forget to leave reviews that are kid friendly, Mr. Isaac is only 8 years old.