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About Lunar Explorer

Lunar Explorer is a tap-to-fly game just like the popular Flappy Bird games but Lunar Explorer takes you on an exploration across the moon in a real Apollo moon lander while dodging real satellites that have been left up there on previous missions dating back to the 1960’s.  Try your hand at piloting a lunar lander across the treacherous terrain.
The theme for all games in our Junior Newton portfolio is to take already fun games and introduce an educational element to the games without taking any of the “Fun” out of the game.  Bumbling Bee is designed after the standard Helicopter Games (tap to fly) and the infamous Flappy Bird game.  The educational element are the natural predators of the Bumble Bee in the real world.  As you fly through the fields you will encounter an ever increasing number of predators.  You’ll be amazed when you and your children learn something about the bumble bee without knowing they were even learning.

List of Satellites in the game:

  • coming soon.

All of the objects used in Lunar Explorer are real objects found on or around the moon.  Some are older than most of you playing this game!

Enjoy the game, tell your friends about it.