Isaac now has all 10 levels done built.  Sticking to my philosophy of him building his own game the way he wants to has been one of the more difficult parts of working with him (or not working with him), but the time has come.  In his infinite wisdom he has made level 10 blatantly impossible instead of “nearly impossible” as his outline was written.  After a little convincing he makes the recommended changes.

We have now published FlutterFly & Flipping Fish on all of the major mobile stores and have added Chrome Web Store to our publishing list.

After last months disaster with Admob, we have recovered and are now running InMobi & Millennial Media as the 2 primary and have kept MobFox & LifeStreet as backups receiving about 1% of the requests.  This combination does not make up for the loss of AdMob but gets us pretty close.

I have now revised my most hated portion of app development to be setting up ads instead of the publishing portion.  I spent about 1 week out of April working on ad networks alone and another week trying to get our apps published on FaceBook.  Facebook is still pending…