Isaac’s game is published.  About 1 week into May I had Isaac put a “freeze” on new features so we could start debugging and testing.  If you’re in a technical industry (or most any industry) you know how easy it is to continue improving indefinitely without ever finishing a project.  Our original scope was 10 levels and all of the attributes for each level as I wrote them down.  Building those 10 levels went pretty fast, but continual refining of each feature would still be going on had we not agreed to a freeze so we could get it published before he got out of school.

Published on all 8 of our platforms/locations for download or online play, Jungle Crystal got the typical flood of installs on his release date with the gradual decline that the iOS App store offers.  A few days after the decline down to 10-25 installs/day his game got posted somewhere else that boosted his installs up to over 500/day for a few days.  In June it went back down but not Jungle Crystal garnered almost 4K installs.

Last month we moved all of our game hosting over to, an app specific github with features specifically designed for publishing games and apps online.  Having spent weeks figuring out how to publish to the online web stores, and still spending about 1 day getting it manually published, 5Apps was a blessing and well worth the small monthly fee.  It now takes about 1/2 a day to publish a game online in the various web stores.

Facebook apps is setup, however they continue to reject all of our apps because we don’t have enough social interaction built into them.  I’m undecided if I will build facebook postings into the apps as that is one of the more frustrating prompts I run into when using an app is being asked if I want to post to some social wall.  I specifically block game posts on my facebook wall, why would I be an enabler of such irritating activity?  Obviously the problem is me, not facebook, but I’m still undecided.